Foxlow: Nice n sweet

Foxlow, Clerkenwell
Foxlow, the steak-themed restaurant, comes from a rich pedigree. It is the latest venture from the guys behind Hawksmoor, but thankfully, this venture is extremely affordable. Termed as the “new neighbourhood restaurant”, Foxlow can be spotted in all its glory on St. John Street in Clerkenwell.

Serving up slow-smoked and charcoal grilled dishes, Foxlow offers a menu that is imaginative and skilfully executed. One can enjoy specials like Eight-hour Bacon rib with maple and chilli, Ten hour beef shortrib with kimchi or Skin on fries with chicken salt.
The expansive setting @Foxlow
Those with a sweet tooth can try various options, including Caramel popcorn, Bourbon caramel and Apple crumble, all between £3-6. Just like Hawksmoore, Foxlow too has an impressive drinks menu, offering twists on classic cocktails and wines from independent producers.  
The two floor Foxlow is a warm and friendly eatery, with a relaxed atmosphere. Farringdon Tube Station is a 5-minute walk away.


Deborah Brand couture corsets up for sale

Deborah Brand's luxury corsets are up on sale at 43 Face on 43 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, London
Here's some good news for all those who like the finer things in life, like luxury corsets. Personally speaking, corsets are my 'not-so-secret' weapon to manage my bulge and flaunt a lovely hourglass figure. Naturally, I get super excited when their is any news about corsets, more so, when it is about corsets on sale. So, here I am, sharing this super good news for everyone who loves luxury corsets.

Deborah Brand, a London-based luxury womenswear designer and corsetiere, has announced three of her original couture corsets up for sale. The exquisitely handcrafted corsets are being exhibited at 43 Face on 43 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, and will be on display from September 24, 2014.
During her twenty five years as a designer, Deborah, who runs her fashion label under her name, Deborah Brand, has had the pleasure of dressing a wealth of celebrity clients including Adriana Lima, Bjork, Chloe Sevigny, Davina McCall, Demi Moore, Fay Dunaway, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campell, Oona Chaplin, Penelope Cruz, Tess Daly and more.

Sculpted wonders: Deborah Brand's luxury corsets
Using simple and unusual lines, Deborah’s corsets improve your posture, aids your quest to shed the pounds and are perfect for all body types. Lined with butter silk duchess satin and soft precise padding, they are the perfect garment to flaunt and enhance your curves.

Here’s a sneak peek at the three stunning Deborah Brand couture corsets that are on sale right now. What’s more, each of these corsets are custom made, which means, only one of each of these corsets were ever made, so the owner of these corsets, will be the only one in the world to enjoy these handcrafted design. So, grab this chance to include these exclusive and stunning corsets in your wardrobe as your prized possession…

Angel in White: Karen K Bridal corset

Karen K Bridal corset
This rare bridal corset is magnificently hand detailed and embroidered with rhinestone, sequins, beads and fine lace. The bust is embroidered with a Maria Elena couture piece. Originally designed for a photo shoot with the couture shoe designer Karel El-Khazen, this corset has also been worn by Oona Chaplin (famous for Game of Thrones and The Hour), and featured in editorials worldwide. It is constructed of 45 metal and hand folded polymer bones, and lined in sumptuous French silk duchess satin. Fits standard size 10.

Samara Hand Beaded corset
Black Magic: Samara Hand Beaded corset

Adorned with a rare 1940s embellishment on the bust, the entire corset has been hand beaded. Lined with sumptuous French silk duchess satin and adorned with premium ostrich feathers, this corset is constructed with 45 bones in a mixture of steel and hand folded polymer. Fits standard size 10.

Gisela Bespoke corset
Owing to the rare nature of this fabric, which was taken from a garment made for Shirley Bassey (famous Welsh singer), only one of this corset was ever made. This Elizabethan flat fronted corset has been entirely encrusted with crystals. It is constructed of 45 bones of steel and hand folded polymer. Fits standard size 10.
Crystal Beauty: Gisela Bespoke corset
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Corsets and You: Corsets by Deborah Brand for that perfect hourglass silhouette
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RIP Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers
Came home to a shocking news a few days back. Joan Rivers died, during a surgery on her vocal cords. How bizarre and shocking is that? I mean, I love watching Fashion Police, but I loved it because of her. Without Joan, fashion policing wouldn't have any of the punch, the humour, the playfulness or the critique that she brought with her unique personality. No matter what or how she decoded a celebrity attire, no matter how she poked fun at a stars dressing sense or their look, her comments were said in a way that no one could have ever hated her.

Her critiquing too had an underlining sense of humour and that made her a beloved being among the stars, designers and fashion editors alike. Owing to her frank and outspoken nature, Joan was almost always in the news. She faced criticism and stirred controversies because of her outspoken commentaries on celebrities and politics, but her gregarious nature and her ability to poke fun at herself sort of diluted the impact of her statements, in a sense that nobody could have taken her critiquing to the heart.

I might be wrong. Many might not agree to what I'm saying here, and I too am not speaking from experience. I was never at the 'other' end of her jokes, so I would never know. But I have watched Joan for all these years, and I have always loved her enthusiasm, her comic style and her grasp on fashion. For me, she was more alive and kicking that any of her co-hosts on Fashion Police, and I am going to miss her badly. Fashion Police will not be (read can never be) the same without Joan Rivers.

RIP my fashion yoda.